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Johnny H. Miller

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Florida Concealed Weapon Permit
Everything included for only $100

Everything provided including training certificate
You do not have to be a Florida resident to get the Florida CWP
No wasted time. Straight and to the point.

Close in Fighting with a Handgun

You have your permit and are carrying a handgun for self defense.
Now, what do you do if someone grabs you and tries to take your gun?
3 hour class only $60 includes training certificate. Wear comfortable clothes.
Students will practice being attacked and defending using proven techniques.
Kentucky Concealed Law Review

Update on florida law for permit holders. Intro to out of state travel.
Make sure where you cannot use your permit and when you can use deadly force.
Two hour class including certificate only $40. Discount for small groups.
Wilderness First Aid

How can you help yourself or others if help is slow or not coming?
Contact me for small group pricing.
NRA Classes

NRA certificate classes in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun.
Home Firearms Safety and Personal Protection in the Home.